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Organizing group dinner and holding awards ceremony after mountaineering

source:本站 date:2017-12-01 

In order to promote the corporate culture, let the core team feel the collective warmth and care, organize the core team personnel outdoor mountaineering activities, the company carefully organized a dinner party for the core team personnel. To the core team personnel for a long period of hard work has been affirmed and thanked, also expressed the company's personal care for employees. In this mountaineering, the company awarded the first three men to the women, the gift is rich, one is to mobilize the enthusiasm of the staff, but the efforts of the staff to confirm.

Non - timed organization collective activities can continuously nurture the work spirit and personal sentiment of the staff, create a relaxed and harmonious working environment and interpersonal relationship, further enhance the collective sense of honor, sense of responsibility and sense of mission, and cultivate the staff to be frank and friendly work attitude and work style. Mobilize the enthusiasm of the staff, improve labor efficiency, reduce the loss of personnel, enhance the cohesion of the enterprise, cultivate the spirit of the enterprise team, shape good corporate image, and create a " understanding of employees, caring for employees" cultural atmosphere, for the company to achieve the strategic objectives.

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