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Mobile phone hinge Enterprises - Mold injection molding process

source:本站 date:2017-09-07 

SMOOTH uses mobile phone production slide injection molding process, guarantee clearance and lubrication sliding effectively。

IMD(In-Mold Decoration),IMD is the international popular surface decoration technology at present. Mainly used for home appliance decoration and

function control panel, automotive dashboard, air conditioning panel, mobile phone shell / lens, washing machines, refrigerators and other applications are

very extensive。

Sliders and hinges supplier

IMD is to have printed decorative sheet with good shape into the mold, then the gum injection in the back of the sheet forming, sheet and resin synthesis of various curing technology. IMD is in injection molding and inlay decoration technology; the product and the

decorative printed material cover are combined into one, to three-dimensional

shape forming product all can be printed with a decorative, so that products meet the decorative and functional effect. IMD means the film will be printed after forming punching 。 Embedded in the injection mold cavity and then molding and the production of products. It is financial printing, forming, molding, injection molding process technology as a whole, Plastic sheet, ink, plastic resin. Injection molding resin in combination with ink layer on the back surface of the film, Panel graphic, logo placed between the film and injection molding resin, Graphics and text, the logo will not be friction or wear and tear。

IMD superiority

1、The Product Stability:To produce product consistency and standardize correct color

2、Product durability:Through the protection of coating thin films by special treatment, which can provide products with better surface wear resistance and chemical resistance

3、3D complex shape design:By applying the excellent extension of thin film,It can successfully achieve the required product complexity and

external design requirements

4、Diversified style:To create a special pattern of metal plating or natural material

5、Process simplification:Through an injection molding method, The molding and decoration can be achieved at the same time, can effectively reduce the cost and time, can provide a stable production

6、Reduce costs and working hours: IMD process only needs a set of mold, unlike other replacement of the old system process to

open multiple sets of fixture can remove a program operation manpower and working time, reduce the system cost and inventory cost

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