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Core strengths

Core strengths

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       Our excellent technology research and development and project management competence have been recognized by many global first-class clients, and SMOOTH has become a leading qualified supplier in lots of industry sectors in just a few years。

Main clients include:

1) Famous OEM Group

Flextronics   (the world's second OEM)

    Jabil        (famous listed US OEM)

    WKK        (listed Hong Kong OEM)

Sysgration    (famous listed Taiwan OEM)

GroupSense  (listed Hong Kong OEM)

2)Famous brand manufacturers



 Otter box      (the world's largest protective case manufacturer)

Hyundai Kia    (supplier of hinge used on automobiles)

   Jabra          (the world's first bluetooth headset manufacturer)

    UEI             (the world's first remote controller manufacturer, US business)




CLAMCASE      (USA Apple Accessories Brand Manufacturer)


    Jci              (a Korea company, the world's largest nails product manufacturer)

3)Intentional customers:

   GoerTek       (a new project, now it is in the stage of prototype sample making)

    Molex         (the world's second connector manufacturer, research and develop hinges on Nissan and Toyota together)

    Careland     (Domestic famous map provider, navigation manufacturers,Hinge co-developed car navigation terminal on the network)

    Samsung      (Mobile Phone hinges )


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