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Corporate Culture

● Co-flourish with employees

 We hope every employee steps on the way to success as soon as they join in SMOOTH, and hope our employees can share both the responsibility and the results.

 We provide our employees with the stage for showing their talents and the opportunity to grow, and our employees devote their wisdom and efforts.

 Individuals should obey the team, and self should obey the system. Diligence, self-discipline, and cooperation form integrity, and cohere impetus of progress.

● Co-flourish with cooperators

   It is the guarantee of our career to obtain others' cooperation and support of shareholders.

   We believe that long-term cooperation is important than short-term interests, corporate image is important than profits, and we will win cooperation with our honesty, and obtain respect with our achievement so as to achieve our common business goal and promote business expansion.

● Co-flourish with competitors

   We abandon the intention of monopolizing market because monopoly is temporary, but competition is long-lasting. We should learn from and co-develop together with competitors. We grow because competitors grow, and we become strong because competitors are strong.

   We are open-minded, and pursue high quality with the hope of achieving win-win effect.

● Co-flourish with our motherland

 Employees' quality decides quality of a business, quality of a business decides quality of a community, and quality of a community decides quality of society.

  We have to make efforts unceasingly, innovate boldly, keep close pace with times, purser scientific progress, and transform our economic efforts to social wealth. Our goal is to develop continuously, co-flourish with our nation and motherland.


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