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  Everyone is Talented and Competition Tells more than Selection

  We believe that everyone is talented; however, development of a business is not lack of talent, but lack of opportunity of talent emerging. Each employee has his or her strengths, and our goal is to provide environment and mechanism of playing employees' potential.

  You can well Develop in SMOOTH as long as You Have Ability and Specialty, and You are Hardworking Enough.

  With advanced product development, production and management system and complete functional organizations, we can provide wide development space for people of vision。

  We advocate joint development of employees and business, provide technology and management position development paths, and guarantee through diverse systems and measures to customize individual development strategy for each employee.

  Talent is more Important than Strategy, and aptitude is more Important than Qualification

  We advocate the principle of "employing suitable talents, and dismissing inappropriate employees", regard manpower resource as the first resource of a business, and do not attach importance to education, qualification, professional title and status simply.


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