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Core strengths

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   SMOOTH specializes in providing clients with the most competitive quality, cost and service to meet clients' requirements and better cooperate with clients. With "not receive, manufacturer, and sell defective products" with our objective, we have made the following rules to provide commitment for after-sales service.

I. Product Quality Commitment

1。International quality testing standards should be strictly followed, and all products and tests should conform to international standards。 Reproducible and efficient product development process is developed so as to provide global clients with quality service and successful delivery。 All processes will be documented, systematized and discreetly assessed to ensure that each project will be more and more effective and efficient。

2.We have professional testing personnel to test our products to ensure that the product indicators meet clients' requirements.

II. Delivery Date Commitment

 After receiving an order, we will ship according to related terms of the  contract so that the goods can be delivered in required quality, time and destination without any damage。 Any special requirements and advance delivery requirement can be handled through negotiation to meet clients' requirements in time。

III. After-sales Service

1。Contact us for any problem or question encountered during the assembly and usage of our products so that we can handle and improve timely。

2. We provide quality service, and will reply to clients' questions within 24 hours and put forward the corresponding solutions. In emergency circumstances, SMOOTH can arrive at clients' production line within 2 hours to analyze the abnormality and propose solutions.

 We have a complete quality assurance system, and have been certified by ISO9001: 2000 national quality system。


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